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IGCSE Education

The IGCSE Education

The International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) is the World's most popular international qualification for 5 to 19 year olds. It is followed by over 9000 Cambridge Schools in more than 160 Countries.

IGCSE education gives them excellent preparation for their next steps in education, including progression to A Levels and IBDP and equips them with skills for immediate employment. Cambridge IGCSE is recognized by Universities around the World.

Apart from the University of Cambridge is a not-for-profit organisation.

Why should you select IGCSE for your child?

  • IGCSE is one of the most sought after and recognized qualifications in the World.
  • It has benefited around 1.5 million students Worldwide. In India, more than 310 Schools are IGCSE dedicated and the number is expected to touch 600 in near future.
  • The IGCSE curriculum is balanced and lends an international perspective to studies. It also takes into account different abilities of individual students.
  • IGCSE students can take advantage of the Cambridge check-point, a diagnostic Service comprising of Standardized tests, that pin-point a student's strength and Weakness in key areas.
  • University of Cambridge is over 800 years old.
  • Students graduating from Cambridge School are eligible for all State level & National Level examinations like CET, IT JEE, CET, CAT etc.

Cambrigeans Advantage

  • Individual Focus
  • LOW student-to-teacher classroom ratio
  • Developing multiple intelligence Scientifically designed Curriculum for all career paths
  • Emphasis on Conceptual & practical learning Extremely caring, experienced and learned Staff Stress free learning environment Professional Sports, performing arts, fine arts facilities
  • Parenting Guidance
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