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Our Methodology

Pre-Primary Section

There are 3 main types of learners-Visual, Audio, and Kinaesthetic. To really master effective teaching, We focus on understanding which type of learners our students are.

Visual is seeing the material,

Audio is hearing the material,

and Kinestheticis feeling the material.

The optimal learning environment is NOT to sit passively waiting for a lecture to end. The IDEAL learning environment is when they See, hear, and feel the material themselves. We also emphasize on the play-Way with a complete blend of thematic activities. Our methodology includes Well planned Curriculum, learner-centric lesson plans, engaging Worksheets and read aloud Sessions.

Events & activities of Pre-K

  • Mothers sing along with me Fitness for Mothers
  • Grandparents day Poetry Sessions
  • Theme based Field trips Festivals in Celebrations
  • In-house Competitions Puppet theatres
  • Acting Studio Yearly picnic
  • External examinations- GK, Aptitude, English, Maths, etc.
  • Speech & Dance
  • Annual Sports
  • Phonofun
  • Speakaboo
  • Art Exhibition

Primary & Secondary

For Primary, We follow the 'Cambridge International Primary Programme' Intra & Inter School Competitions International Student's Exchange programmes method. It is taught in over 80 Countries Worldwide. We focus on helping teachers and parents gain a greater understanding of their children's abilities. It primarily develops exceptional knowledge and skills in Health check up ESOL Exams of Cambridge University English, Mathematics and Science.

Cambridge Primary is an education programme for young learners that Combine a World-class Curriculum, high-quality Support for teachers and integrated assessment. The various tests conducted, provide teachers with an external benchmark which helps them to identify students' strengths and Weaknesses.

Every child gets a Certificate of CAMBRIDGE PRIMARY CHECKPOINT at the end of their primary education. We Set clear learning objectives & prepare them exceptionally for Secondary education.

Event and Activities for Primary

  • Speech & Drama
  • Competitive Exams (National & International Level)
  • Intra & Inter School Competitions
  • International Student’s Exchange Programmes
  • Health Checkups
  • ESOL Exam of Cambridge University
  • Social awareness programmes
  • Virtual field trips
  • National & International Tours
  • Author's/Editor's Meet
  • Guest Lectures
  • Seminars, Symposium & Workshops
  • Tour/Picnics
  • Pajama Party
  • Outroom Excursions
  • Art Exhibitions
  • Fun n Fair
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